Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doug Burr - Should've Known

Doug Burr's "Should've Known" from Jon Todd Collins on Vimeo.

Here is another favorite artist. Such a great songwriter and he has a great touch to his music. Delicate and melancholy with the occasional touch of an edge or a jarring chorus. If you haven't yet discovered Doug Burr, do yourself a favor and get his On Promenade CD. He also has a new CD coming out May 4, 2010. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hammock - Mono No Aware Video

A recent video from one of my favorite bands. Watch this at night, with the lights off, and the volume turned up. Let it wash over you.

The Choir - Sled Dog Video

This band is a favorite from my musical past and their music helped to form a lot of the music tastes I have today. Especially when it comes to the current indie music that I enjoy. This video is from 1996. Tell me what you think.

The Morning Muse

Stranded Under Endless Sky - The 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month - 6:30 to 9 PM.

Many years ago, growing weary of what was being played on commercial radio, and also getting fed up with 15-minute-long commercial breaks, I decided to explore the varied and wonderful world of indie music. By doing this, I was able to build up an unusual and diverse music library. When I moved to the valley, I was lucky that someone encouraged me to give KAFM a listen.

I started doing The Morning Muse in the summer of 2007. Being repulsed by popular or top-40 radio, I make a conscious effort to play non-mainstream artists, who deserve but rarely get air-play on the radio. Also being opposed to peppy or upbeat music early in the morning, or most any other time, I decided to play low-key music.

The styles I play are: Americana, indie pop, and folk, with low-key rock and alternative music. I try to keep the music tranquil but varied, with some edge sneaking in from time to time. I also have an ear for lyrics that often are on the more melancholy or poignant end of the spectrum. (There is a reason I call myself the Storm Boy.)

I love it when people say to me, “I love that music, but I’ve never heard of that artist!” And I would love to hear from listeners who have an opinion or could give recommendations of artists to play on Stranded Under Endless Sky.